October 23, 2019 testtechdomain

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  • Sean Cowan (Koombana Physiotherapy)
    - Google

    We spent a fantastic day with Angus a few weeks ago. This was the first time that our practice had done anything similar to this so there were a few of us that approached it with some trepidation!

    The sessions were challenging, but presented in a relaxed and professional manner that encouraged people to really come out of their shells and contribute to the discussion. Angus did an awesome job.

    I would highly recommend using Rapid Teams and would not hesitate to have Angus back to do a follow up session with us over the next few years.

  • Shannon Robes
    - Trustpilot

    I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this… I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this experience but I had so much fun learnt so much about my team mates.

  • Natasha Collova
    - Google

    Angus and Rapid Teams were easy to deal with, took care of all the details and on day arrangements.My team of 10 completed the Fremantle challenge, and we all loved it - right balance of fun and team work.I would highly recommend this team activity for other small (or large) companies!

  • Brian Schultink
    - Google

    We enjoyed and amazing day of team building with Angus and Jo from Rapid Teams. It is a great mix of thinking and learning and the entire company (23 staff) had the best time and could not stop talking about it the next day. We will definitely be making this an annual thing. hanks again guys.

  • Nic Thomas
    - Google

    Perfectly delivered! Our team had a terrific day and Rapid Teams seamlessly achieved all our outcomes. I couldn’t have asked for a better facilitator. Angus transfers knowledge through engaging experiential learning activities which were both fun and productive. This is a must for teams of all sizes and highly recommend. Thanks Angus it was amazing.

  • Lucy dufour
    - Google

    We had a fabulous experience with Rapid Teams, Angus was a pleasure to deal with, he listened to my requirements and delivered 100% on the outcomes I was looking for. He created a fun and interactive team building environment for our team to thrive in. I will definiately use them again.

  • Jesse Wilson
    - Google

    Our company had a fantastic experience with Rapid Teams. Angus put together an incredible full day for our team of 15 that was the perfect balance between productive learning, team building and fun activities.The day was relaxed and fun, but also professionally run. We are already looking forward to the next one!Highly recommended.


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