Remote Team Building – Online Culture Boost


Working from home is a tough adjustment, don’t just leave your team on their own. Our program brings people together in a digital way and provides structure even when we are not all in the office together.

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Use our culture boost to engage remote teams and maintain your culture now

Completely adapted for COVID-19. What was a ‘game’ is now a blueprint for your team

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CBH Group

Who is it for? Teams looking to increase engagement and stay connected in a fun way whilst working remotely.  Teams with members in multiple locations looking to do something fun together as a team building activity.

Online: Via App (for team engagement and tasks), online platform (course content) and Email (reminders, boosts to contact each other and more)

Duration: 7 to 10 Days (can be condensed to work with your parameters)

Group Size: Up to 1000 (teams are divided into groups of around 10 to compete with each other or can work as one large group)

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Location: 100% remote

Types of challenges: Remote meeting tips, prompters, photos, personal effectiveness overviews, best in class team case studies, professional development videos, meeting templates, interviews and much, much more.


Module 1: How big is the prize?
Keynote: Why improve and what does good look like?
Game: 10 team activities to kick off remote meetings with. Each challenge is released in the morning (on your time zone) to get the team to meet together regularly and use it as the’ icebreaker’ for each digital meeting.
Case study: Personal effectiveness 101 and how that impacts teams (videos, templates and much more).

Module 2: Collaborate
Keynote: Communication within teams in 2020
Game: 12 team activities released
Case study: The best team in the world and why they are #1
Well being: Looking out for your team mates in a time of crisis

Module 3:  A culture of agility
Keynote: Make work fun
Game: 10 new missions involving learning things about team members
Case study: The future of teamwork and agile teams
Plus: Managers roll out team charter session (or use Rapid Team’s pre recorded professional facilitator to walk you through)

Module 4: What next level looks like
Keynote: Championship Teams
Game: 7 final missions released
Case study: Strategy, Execution and the power of teamwork
Plus: Celebrating success, a fun session viewing all videos, submissions and photos from the journey.


We give you structure and support to manage your remote team.