October 23, 2019 testtechdomain

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  • Rebekah Worthington
    - Trustpilot

    Championship workshop - highly recommended Every exercise had a purpose for the team to learn and strengthen how we work together. The workshop was interactive, fun and a lot of valuable information was covered. Angus was a great facilitator and the best part was our team walked away with a team charter we are proud to take back to our organisation and put into practice.

  • Stephen Michael Foundation
    - Google

    Thank you Angus for such an amazing morning of team building for the staff at the Stephen Michael Foundation. The staff are still talking about how it was such a highlight of our PD week. Would recommend to any companies out there looking for something for staff bonding

  • James Wyper
    - Google

    A genuine, productive and fun experience. The day was fun, professional and relaxed.Angus is a fantastic facilitator.

  • Sean Cowan (Koombana Physiotherapy)
    - Google

    We spent a fantastic day with Angus a few weeks ago. This was the first time that our practice had done anything similar to this so there were a few of us that approached it with some trepidation!

    The sessions were challenging, but presented in a relaxed and professional manner that encouraged people to really come out of their shells and contribute to the discussion. Angus did an awesome job.

    I would highly recommend using Rapid Teams and would not hesitate to have Angus back to do a follow up session with us over the next few years.

  • Andrew Hunt
    - Trustpilot

    Great day in Fremantle! Our Team of 18 had a great day with Rapid Teams in Fremantle. The planned activity was engaging right from the start, and the fun didn't stop the whole time. This was an awesome way to spend the morning developing working relationships within the group. I would highly recommend.

  • Meagan Hill
    - Google

    My team and I completed a session today and it was so awesome.We are all currently working from home, so to connect for a few hours to laugh and have some team fun was both desperately needed and thoroughly enjoyed.I would highly recommend this to any team that is currently working remotely. It's a really fun and unique way to get to know each.Thanks for offering such an amazing service Angus!

  • Liz
    - Trustpilot

    A fun filled 60 minutes A fun filled 60 minutes. Something for everyone. Nice range of difficulty and easily done online.


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