October 23, 2019 testtechdomain

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  • Eric Nankivell, Farmanco
    - Trustpilot

    Challenge your team! We have a great team, but we all work remote from each other. Rapid Teams helped challenge our team to recognise and leverage our strengths and weaknesses. It was a fun and rewarding day and a half program. Highly recommended to any team 🏁

  • Robyn Smith
    - Google

    Delivered relatable messages and skills on how to manage work, life and everything in between in a fun and interactive way. A great day enjoyed by all staff.

  • Grace
    - Trustpilot

    Thanks team! Thanks Angus, Claudia, Jo and Claire for a fantastic afternoon of team building! So many of us really enjoyed the unique experience and left with a lot more insight into the importance of support, trust and communication within teams/organisations.

  • Dan Batey
    - Google

    Best team building training in Perth. Out of the box thinking and cutting edge development for any team.

  • Rebekah Worthington
    - Trustpilot

    Championship workshop - highly recommended Every exercise had a purpose for the team to learn and strengthen how we work together. The workshop was interactive, fun and a lot of valuable information was covered. Angus was a great facilitator and the best part was our team walked away with a team charter we are proud to take back to our organisation and put into practice.

  • Liz
    - Trustpilot

    A fun filled 60 minutes A fun filled 60 minutes. Something for everyone. Nice range of difficulty and easily done online.

  • Ben Curtis
    - Google

    Angus from Rapid teams was fantastic. He had a vast knowledge of team building and strategy. He ran our group through a program specific to us while reflecting on the way we work as a group. Highly recommended.


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