Perth City Challenge

Our Perth City Challenge is suitable for 20 to 200 people and is designed around a live scoring smartphone App. There are over 80 challenges available for teams to complete within Perth City over a 2.5 to 3 hour period.

Compete against your peers in real-time during this new style of experiential team building which focuses on strategy, friendly competition, time management and creativity.

Teams are required to navigate their city, visit key precincts and monuments, solve riddles and complete activities to earn points for their team.

Some challenges require photo evidence, all of which will be directly uploaded and presented to the group at the final venue. Rapid teams also hires several venues to run facilitated challenges throughout Perth City.

Live Leaderboard

Track your opponents in real time through our live scoring app

Your Photos – INSTANTLY

Our server gathers ever photo from the event automatically and we present to the whole team straight after the challenge.

Facilitated Challenges

This is not a plug and play experience. We use experienced facilitators to bring the challenge to life.

Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoor

Duration: 2 to 4 hours

Group Size: 20 to 300

Location: Perth City Centre

Facilitated team activities focus on: Communication, team work, team building, strategy, time management, indoor/outdoor flexibility

No team has ever completed the Perth CBD Challenge: We have balanced the left brain (analytical) and right brain (creative) challenges to allow for team members to get their chance to shine over the session.  Compared to an ‘amazing race’ or similar style program this is in a different league as far as workplace crossover, strategy and innovative thinking.

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This is one of Rapid Teams’ latest team building programs and is suitable for companies looking for an engaging, motivating and rewarding team event that encourages friendly competition, rewards strategy and has a focus on time management.

The Perth City Challenge and Fremantle Challenge are the closest we get to a scavenger hunt style program, however each is packed with professional learning outcomes.

  • Perfect mix of fun and learning for our team. We will be back!

    Mike Beveridge Avatar
    Mike Beveridge
  • Rapid Teams, at very short notice, recently facilitated the 'Perth CBD Challenge' as part of our corporate training day for approx 50 people. The whole process ran like clockwork; delivered with a tailored and focused approach on our corporate core values and what we wanted to achieve from the day. I would highly recommend to any company wishing to step outside the norm and actively engage people to participate in a unique and fun way. Thank you very much Angus and Team for a fantastic and truly memorable day!

    Danielle O'Hanlon Avatar
    Danielle O'Hanlon