Rapid Teaming Online

Interactive, online team building program.

Created for remote teams, adapted and supercharged for the current world!

Can be delivered as a 2 hour digital team building event or over a 5 day period with bite-sized challenges dropping daily, for companies looking for a more formal program to boost engagement.

We combine complex problem solving, communication, collaboration and fun for remote teams.

Purpose Built Platform

Our team building app provides live scoring and updates for teams as they compete with each other. Allows team members to collaborate on their computer whilst the game runs on their smartphone.

Complex Problem Solving

The #1 in demand skill for the future of work. Teams collaborate, communicate and solve problems on the fly in a fun, no impact of failure environment.

Adaptable for your needs

Offered as a 2 hour digital team building event
Spread over 5 days with bite-sized challenges each day to boost engagement and morale in a fun way.

The Future of Team Building

The world is changing, is your team ready to galvanise and go to the next level?

Feedback and Participant Takeaways for Rapid Teaming Online

“Everyone has an interesting story to tell, What’s your story?
Enjoyed getting to know my other team members a little better, and the feed of everyone’s activity” April 2020

“I enjoyed the activities and the program in general. In particular I enjoyed the interactions with others that I have not had contact with since WFH started. I also found the topics on successful team cultures such as All Blacks interesting.” – April 2020

“My takeaway was to think differently. we all have been stuck inside going about our work. but it was nice to think a little differently this week. I really enjoyed the challenges” – May 2020

“Biggest take away was learning fun & interesting things about my co-workers, Enjoyed the challenges! Some more challenging than others! Thank you!” April 2020

“Seeing the different skills each team member has .
Enjoyed having a bit of fun” April 2020

Our 5 star program has a money back guarantee!

Indoor/Outdoor: Not this time! 100% online and remote

Duration: Can be condensed into 2 hours (briefing, 90 min game, debrief) or spread over 5 days (dropping bite-sized challenges each day) dependant on the desired outcomes.

Group Size: 4 to 1000

Location: Worldwide! We have delivered this in Australia, Singapore and the United States.

Team activities focus on: Communication, collaboration, team work, innovation, complex problem solving, engagement and fun.

Online team building

Tackling the gap we are facing with low communication, morale and output is not easy. To boost engagement, we gamify collaboration, combining left and right brain challenges with fun across multiple mediums. All online and adapted for those working from home.


Taken within the app and instantly scored (and passed through to the centralised media hub) teams are recreating funny scenes, giving insight into how they are feeling and much more.

Track Opponents in Real Time

The ability to see everything as it happens via the leaderboard and news feed is one of the best parts of the program. Whenever another team completes a mission, it’s added to the activity feed and the rankings are automatically updated. If you’re half as competitive as we are, you’ll realise how awesome this is.


Video from within the App! Teams look to solve challenges by explaining the answer or on the funny side, give a guided tour on how they are making the best coffee whilst working from home!

Full Team Challenges

Complex problem solvers that take over 4 people to solve are coming in thick and fast. All delivered via interactive web pages. In the 5 day option, these are time limited to 4hours and the answer is then provided to teams later that day including how to solve and the problem solving theory behind it.

Deep Dives

There are 2 case studies of Championship Teams, learn about their team culture, team charter and how it could be applicable to your company, team or division.

Complex Riddles

Solve riddles that will have the smartest minds baffled. Oh and don’t worry, we’ve checked and can confirm you can’t google the answer!

Your timeline and preferences

We have delivered it in a condensed mode for teams looking to have some fun and do something a bit different. Alternatively, we have used  the program as an engagement tool for companies looking to connect their teams in multiple locations over a 5 day period for as little as 20 mins per day time commitment. We use the platform as a base and create custom built programs to meet your desired outcomes.

Keep your team engaged whilst working remotely

It is tough to operate as a team remotely. It is even tougher to stay connected and have fun. We bring fun in a structured way that allows teams to let their hair down, have friendly competition and do something a bit different.



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