Take the first steps to culture recovery, have some fun or push from good to great with a world class behavioural leadership program. Our flagship online team building program.

Designed as part team building game, part leadership course and supercharged for the current world.

Format: Hybrid – live interactive online delivery, app based game plus digital case studies

Duration: 60 min keynote, 15 mins per day for 5 days, 45 min debrief

Group Size: 5 to 500

Location: We can and have delivered this in Australia, USA, Singapore and Japan. We can accomodate any time zone.

5 Stars - Based on 23 User Reviews

Our process is engineered to set you up for success, one step at a time. 

Change-management is a big part of the picture, as expert guides, we take you and your team on a journey. The focus is on fun and shared experience, whilst breaking down barriers. Meanwhile, we are rolling out a tried and tested culture-boosting playbook. Presented as a 5 day game, delivering real impact.

Managers are engaged pre and post to reinforce the learning so whilst it is a fun 5 day program, there is a week either side for leaders to make it stick.

Not just a game or a course. This is a toolkit for remote teams.

To drive team development and see meaningful engagement you need a well thought out process and a plan for each element of the program.
We’ve combined our best team games, Agile tools and behavioral leadership case studies. These have been refined over and over again to deliver a seamless development experience for remote teams.
Teams collaborate, learn theory and then put it into practice – all in real time.