Rapid Teams selected as 2021 HR Tech Leader by USA based Talentculture

Rapid Teams selected as 2021 HR Tech Leader by USA based Talentculture
July 5, 2021 Rapid Teams

Rapid Teams’ online program, Engagement Action Program has been endorsed by Talentculture as a 2021 HR Tech Leader. Rapid Teams has worked with Talentculture to review the program and take it to another level. This program has been used a lot for work from home teams as well as remote teams looking to boost engagement.

Another use case is where a team has engagement survey data and Rapid Teams works with them to focus on the improvement areas.

What is the HR Tech Leader program?

“The selected HR technologies are chosen based on a strict and defined grid of requirements that range from a thorough demonstration of the technology’s power to successfully deliver on its promise and satisfy the end-user successfully, to a background analysis of user and employee comments of the product and brand.” – Talentculture

What it really means?

Our online team building program has been getting great reviews for the past 18 months, we were keen to get this validated by an external party. We chose Talentculture as they were in a large market (USA) and work with all sorts of HR based providers.

What is the Engagement Action Program?

This is a 5 day behavioural leadership program disguised as a game. Larger teams are divided into sub teams who compete against each other, completing missions, case studies and having a stack of fun collaborating. Time wise, the program runs for 20 minutes per day for 5 days. This is within a larger 28 day engagement, meaning Rapid Teams sets the team up for success pre program then allows time to debrief, making sure teams get the workplace crossover.

“Recently, a team of 35 completed the program with 100% completion of all missions. This meant there were 568 collaborations within their team over the 5 days, something not achievable through a boring video conferencing meeting. The Program broke down internal silos and provided a platform for learning then ultimately, a change to a more engaged team.” – Angus Firth, Director of Rapid Teams

What Talentculture said about our program
They have a well-designed, intuitive, and fun-to-use app, which offers an ample library of team-building options. It makes engagement easy for end-users and allows them to participate in remote teams to create a deeper connection, which is perfect for bringing teams together in these WFH times. Rapid Teams is a wonderful fit for brands in any industry looking to improve company culture.’

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