Teams of the future embrace experiential learning

Teams of the future embrace experiential learning
March 2, 2021 Rapid Teams
Technology and times are changing at silly speeds. Working together as a team has never been more important.
Even before the pandemic, The World Economic Forum estimated that in the year 2025 the most in demand skills will be complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordinating with others.
The shift towards these trends has accelerated with COVID and will only keep gathering momentum. Our programs were designed with these skills in mind in late 2019 and have been adjusted even more through 2020 to be ready to get everyone back on track in 2021.
Here is how we are integrating the recommendations at Rapid Teams.

Our team development programs are full of complex problems that take even the smartest minds up to 30 minutes to solve. We create an environment where there is no impact of failure, allowing teams to work through complex scenarios together and develop stronger problem solving techniques.

Complex ‘red herrings’ and overloads of information happen regularly on our team activities and workshops. In a fun way we challenge all participants to think critically and to innovate at speed.

There are many ways to solve the problems we put in front of the teams we work with. Each team member has the opportunity to think differently and ‘outside the box’ to support their team.

What better place for a future leader to shine than in a level playing field with their peers. We mix the group up multiple times throughout our sessions allowing for new leaders in every phase, constantly presenting leadership opportunities.

Our team building workshops give people from multiple departments the opportunity to work together in a level playing field. This encourages networking and breaks down silo mentality as people coordinate to solve challenges together.

  • Dan Batey
    - Google

    Best team building training in Perth. Out of the box thinking and cutting edge development for any team.

  • Meagan Hill
    - Google

    My team and I completed a session today and it was so awesome.

    We are all currently working from home, so to connect for a few hours to laugh and have some team fun was both desperately needed and thoroughly enjoyed.

    I would highly recommend this to any team that is currently working remotely. It's a really fun and unique way to get to know each.

    Thanks for offering such an amazing service Angus!

  • Tim Macpherson
    - Google

    Cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Rapid Teams. The brief was an engaging afternoon of team building with some space for a bit of fun and downtime for a team that has been very busy of late. Absolutely delivered and then some. Angus and the team delivered such a professional, engaging and enjoyable session. Thanks again Rapid Teams and see you next time!

  • Brian Schultink
    - Google

    We enjoyed and amazing day of team building with Angus and Jo from Rapid Teams. It is a great mix of thinking and learning and the entire company (23 staff) had the best time and could not stop talking about it the next day. We will definitely be making this an annual thing. hanks again guys.

  • Mike Beveridge
    - Google

    Perfect mix of fun and learning for our team. We will be back!

  • Jesse Wilson
    - Google

    Our company had a fantastic experience with Rapid Teams. Angus put together an incredible full day for our team of 15 that was the perfect balance between productive learning, team building and fun activities.The day was relaxed and fun, but also professionally run. We are already looking forward to the next one!Highly recommended.

  • Natasha Collova
    - Google

    Angus and Rapid Teams were easy to deal with, took care of all the details and on day arrangements.
    My team of 10 completed the Fremantle challenge, and we all loved it - right balance of fun and team work.
    I would highly recommend this team activity for other small (or large) companies!


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