Virtual Reality

This is a fun, high pressure game that pushes the boundaries of problem solving and communication. The immersive nature of VR makes it impossible to cheat and the best teams can push the limit through multiple ‘bombs’ as they get harder and harder.

A ticking time bomb, your team and a bomb diffusal manual! This is a new team building concept involving multi-player VR.

One person in your team of 3 to 5 is in Virtual Reality with a ticking time bomb in their hands. The rest of the team must solve complex clues and explain to the ‘bomb diffusal expert’ how to disarm the bomb before the time is up. All team members get a chance to experience being inside and outside VR during play.

Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoor

Duration: 2 hours

Group Size: 5 to 35

Location: We can deliver this program all over Western Australia

Continuous Professional Development Hours: CPA, Legal Practice Board of WA, Engineering Australia

Team activities focus on: Continuous improvement, complex problem solving, communication, creative thinking under pressure, future of team building

Virtual Reality Team Building

“A picture is worth a thousand words. A movie is worth a thousand pictures. A simulation is worth a thousand movies. An interactive simulation is worth a thousand simulations. A 3D interactive simulation is worth a thousand interactive simulations. A full-scale, 3D, interactive simulation…priceless!”

Nir Keren, PHD


This activity is perfect for teams looking for something a bit different to push the boundaries. Perhaps an add-on or supporting session to a strategy day, or something to challenge your team in a low impact environment. A flexible session, Virtual Reality can be delivered as part of Championship Teams, Rapid Teaming or as a standalone.