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We work with teams in Perth and all over WA by delivering experiential team training or teambuilding workshops and activities outdoors, indoors and in virtual reality.

Boost your team’s culture with facilitated half day team activities that range from the ‘professional team development’ space through to a refreshingly professional alternative to ‘let’s go lawn bowling’.

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  • I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this… I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this experience but I had so much fun learnt so much about my team mates.

    Shannon Robes 23/12/20
    Natasha Collova Avatar

    Angus and Rapid Teams were easy to deal with, took care of all the details and on day arrangements.My team of 10 completed the Fremantle challenge, and we all loved it - right balance of fun and team work.I would highly recommend this team activity for other small (or large) companies!

    Natasha Collova 11/12/20
  • Thanks team! Thanks Angus, Claudia, Jo and Claire for a fantastic afternoon of team building! So many of us really enjoyed the unique experience and left with a lot more insight into the importance of support, trust and communication within teams/organisations.

    Grace 16/06/21
    Brian Schultink Avatar

    We enjoyed and amazing day of team building with Angus and Jo from Rapid Teams. It is a great mix of thinking and learning and the entire company (23 staff) had the best time and could not stop talking about it the next day. We will definitely be making this an annual thing. hanks again guys.

    Brian Schultink 02/10/20
  • Simon Gazia Avatar

    Hit the brief well Hit the brief well. Experienced facilitator, variety of activities and great engagement secured across all personalities.

    Simon Gazia 20/05/21
    Ben Swan Avatar

    Having seen Angus in action I can highly recommend the Rapid Teams experience. Really engaging and would be beneficial for any group.

    Ben Swan 11/11/20
  • Ben Curtis Avatar

    Angus from Rapid teams was fantastic. He had a vast knowledge of team building and strategy. He ran our group through a program specific to us while reflecting on the way we work as a group. Highly recommended.

    Ben Curtis 05/06/21
    Dan Batey Avatar

    Best team building training in Perth. Out of the box thinking and cutting edge development for any team.

    Dan Batey 11/04/20
  • Mike Beveridge Avatar

    Perfect mix of fun and learning for our team. We will be back!

    Mike Beveridge 11/09/20

    Challenge your team! We have a great team, but we all work remote from each other. Rapid Teams helped challenge our team to recognise and leverage our strengths and weaknesses. It was a fun and rewarding day and a half program. Highly recommended to any team 🏁

    Eric Nankivell, Farmanco 01/06/21
  • Danielle O'Hanlon Avatar

    Rapid Teams, at very short notice, recently facilitated the 'Perth CBD Challenge' as part of our corporate training day for approx 50 people. The whole process ran like clockwork; delivered with a tailored and focused approach on our corporate core values and what we wanted to achieve from the day. I would highly recommend to any company wishing to step outside the norm and actively engage people to participate in a unique and fun way. Thank you very much Angus and Team for a fantastic and truly memorable day!

    Danielle O'Hanlon 11/09/20
    James Wyper Avatar

    A genuine, productive and fun experience. The day was fun, professional and relaxed.Angus is a fantastic facilitator.

    James Wyper 11/01/20
  • Tim Macpherson Avatar

    Cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Rapid Teams. The brief was an engaging afternoon of team building with some space for a bit of fun and downtime for a team that has been very busy of late. Absolutely delivered and then some. Angus and the team delivered such a professional, engaging and enjoyable session. Thanks again Rapid Teams and see you next time!

    Tim Macpherson 02/10/20
    Meagan Hill Avatar

    My team and I completed a session today and it was so awesome.We are all currently working from home, so to connect for a few hours to laugh and have some team fun was both desperately needed and thoroughly enjoyed.I would highly recommend this to any team that is currently working remotely. It's a really fun and unique way to get to know each.Thanks for offering such an amazing service Angus!

    Meagan Hill 11/08/20
  • Championship workshop - highly recommended Every exercise had a purpose for the team to learn and strengthen how we work together. The workshop was interactive, fun and a lot of valuable information was covered. Angus was a great facilitator and the best part was our team walked away with a team charter we are proud to take back to our organisation and put into practice.

    Rebekah Worthington 04/09/20
    Lucy dufour Avatar

    We had a fabulous experience with Rapid Teams, Angus was a pleasure to deal with, he listened to my requirements and delivered 100% on the outcomes I was looking for. He created a fun and interactive team building environment for our team to thrive in. I will definiately use them again.

    Lucy dufour 11/11/20
  • Robert O'Mahony Avatar

    Great team workshop, the VR was a highlight.

    Robert O'Mahony 11/02/20
    Stephen Michael Foundation Avatar

    Thank you Angus for such an amazing morning of team building for the staff at the Stephen Michael Foundation. The staff are still talking about how it was such a highlight of our PD week. Would recommend to any companies out there looking for something for staff bonding

    Stephen Michael Foundation 16/10/20
  • Nic Thomas Avatar

    Perfectly delivered! Our team had a terrific day and Rapid Teams seamlessly achieved all our outcomes. I couldn’t have asked for a better facilitator. Angus transfers knowledge through engaging experiential learning activities which were both fun and productive. This is a must for teams of all sizes and highly recommend. Thanks Angus it was amazing.

    Nic Thomas 11/08/20

    Epic challenges and awesome team building! Angus and the team at Rapid Teams were professional, fun and creative. We had an awesome time on the CBD Challenge solving problems and testing our team work and lateral thinking skills to the max! It sure was a day to remember and like nothing I've ever done before - absolutely brilliant, thanks Angus.

    Cammel Ferries 11/01/21
  • Robyn Smith Avatar

    Delivered relatable messages and skills on how to manage work, life and everything in between in a fun and interactive way. A great day enjoyed by all staff.

    Robyn Smith 11/03/20
    Clare Doubell Avatar

    Really well organised event, we planned a Christmas event for 30 people with Angus at Rapid Teams and the feedback has been fantastic.Everyone loved the app and thought the event was extremely well planned.I was impressed by the whole day and number of activities available to us, I would have no hesitation in recommending Rapid Teams in the future.A well deserved five stars

    Clare Doubell 11/01/20
  • Jason Ryan Avatar

    An excellent experience for the team. Angus looked after our Physio clinic's team of 8. He pre-prepared and really understood where we have been and where we are heading as a company. His professionalism and commitment on the day kept everyone on track. The layout was also very effective, providing some good theoretical knowledge as well as activities which the team can refer back to in the months ahead.Highly recommend!

    Jason Ryan 11/07/20
    Fernando Fleck Avatar

    Rapid Teams gave us an awesome experience on Friday with the Fremantle Challenge. Very easy to deal with and facilitating of our specific requirements. We will definitely be considering Rapid Teams for future corporate events. Thanks, Angus and Co.

    Fernando Fleck 11/08/20
  • Sean Cowan (Koombana Physiotherapy) Avatar

    We spent a fantastic day with Angus a few weeks ago. This was the first time that our practice had done anything similar to this so there were a few of us that approached it with some trepidation!The sessions were challenging, but presented in a relaxed and professional manner that encouraged people to really come out of their shells and contribute to the discussion. Angus did an awesome job.I would highly recommend using Rapid Teams and would not hesitate to have Angus back to do a follow up session with us over the next few years.

    Sean Cowan (Koombana Physiotherapy) 11/09/20
    Dan Paech Avatar

    Great experience- would highly recommend Rapid Teams. The whole process was smooth, we identified our outcomes for the day and then Rapid Teams were able to deliver them in the training session in a really fun way. All in all it was a professionally delivered workshop with plenty of actions for us to take back to the office and work on as a team.

    Dan Paech 11/02/20
  • Kerry Juhren Avatar

    Very well thought out and professional, great for teams looking to connect their vision and values to real activities and actions. We look forward to next time!

    Kerry Juhren 05/06/21
    Jesse Wilson Avatar

    Our company had a fantastic experience with Rapid Teams. Angus put together an incredible full day for our team of 15 that was the perfect balance between productive learning, team building and fun activities.The day was relaxed and fun, but also professionally run. We are already looking forward to the next one!Highly recommended.

    Jesse Wilson 11/09/20


We do this through shared experience, fun workshops, strategy sessions, engagement programs and team events.
Our clients are the only reason we are in business and we’re proud to partner with market leaders.

CBH Group



Why are engaged teams more profitable? Teams in the top 20% for engagement have a 41% reduction in absenteeism, and 59% less turnover than their peers.

“Engaged teams have passion, purpose, presence, and energy.”
The Right Culture: Not Just About Employee Satisfaction (GALLUP)

In today’s market, setting time aside to build and develop your team has never been more relevant.


Time and time again we hear of businesses complaining that their team building events have not worked. Our message to you? Never go lawn bowling again.

Rapid Teams uses experiential learning methodology to deliver team games and exercises that encourage lateral thinking, trust and networking, whilst also being fun.

Our activities and workshops range from 1 hour to a full day and can be turbocharged with formal learning and development or delivered simply just for enjoyment.


Rapid Teams blurs the line between fun and training with professional learning games, scenarios, simulations and workshops.

At its core, experiential learning is a way to teach through doing but it also creates a shared experience which builds your teams narrative and culture.

Experiential learning: What’s missing in most change programs” – McKinsey & Company



Choose between team experiences that go for a few hours before your sundowner or complete one of our full day workshops. Work with us to boost your strategy offsite, reward your team, launch a project with a bang or just do something a bit different.

Online Program

Created for remote teams, adapted and supercharged for the current world! For leaders this is a 28 day process kicking off with 1:1 coaching then moving to a 5 day team engagement sprint before refining your 30:60:90 day goals as we round out 28 days of team development. This program is delivered remotely in USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

WINNER! This program won the HR Tech Awards 2021 in USA!

Championship Teams

Where practical and theory meet in real-time. Championship Teams is a full or half day facilitated team building program inspiring your team to understand and work towards becoming a championship team. This is delivered as a workshop with a mix of indoor theory and experiential scenarios (outdoor or indoor) to draw on throughout the session.

Virtual Reality

This is a fun, high pressure game that pushes the boundaries of problem solving and communication. The immersive nature of VR makes it impossible to cheat and the best teams can push the limit through multiple ‘bombs’ as they get harder and harder.

Agile Teams

Learn the framework, values and roles of Agile Scrum teams before jumping into scenarios where you’ll be delivering projects at speed with your colleagues in an Agile environment.

We set the scene, cover the theory, then create the deliverables,  throw in real-time challenges or ‘market movements’ and push your team to innovate faster.

Perth City Challenge

The top rated scavenger hunt cross with amazing race program set in Perth CBD. Professional facilitators and genuine strategy challenges puts this program in a different category to your old amazing race style team event.

The Fremantle Challenge

Your team vs the port city! A dynamic incentive event set in the Fremantle CBD. You’ll see parts of Fremantle you didn’t know existed whilst testing your strategy, teamwork and collaboration. A must for teams looking to celebrate success together.


Our products have instant quoting tools, so select the parameters that suit your team and from there you’ll have an event proposal in under 30 seconds.

Rapid Teams will then call you to make sure you’ve got what you’re after, double checking logistics, where your team is at on its journey and your desired outcomes.

From there, you’re in good hands as when it comes to teams, we’re the #1 team building activities consultancy in Perth.